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SHEILA kennel can be ordered in over 200 color shades according to the RAL sampler. If you choose a different color than the one on the right in the menu, just fill in the number of the color in the note.


SHEILA is a dog kennel with a futuristic timeless design that meets all the requirements of your dog. The massive construction consists of a thin, durable steel casing and a burnished komaxit color guaranteeing its longevity. Top-quality insulating material ensures that your friend will not be cold in the winter and hot in the summer.


Unique shed design and gentle floor heating in a part of its interior protects the dog from all weather conditions. The built-in camera, equipped with an audio system with two-way communication, ensures that the owner will have on his mobile phone not only perfect control over the movement of the dog but also the possibility of a two-way communication.



- insulated dog kennel for healthy living (recommended for outdoor use -25 / +40 °C)

- in three sizes according to a dog type


Additional charge:

- indoor heating (additional heating) with adjustable thermostat - € 450
- bidirectional camera (bidirectional audio), PC, Android, iOS - € 650

- winter screen/partition against heat escape - € 220

- design stickers from € 450 
- paintbrushing from € 650 


Delivery time is two to three months.


We are able to produce this dog kennel in many color designs (at no extra cost according to the RAL sample book) and at the same time it is possible to provide designer stickers to your liking. If you are interested, please contact our sales department

KENNEL SHEILA - on request

other color
  • Primarily, we sell our dog kennels within the European Union, however, if you are interested we will deliver the dog kennel anywhere in the world. We use our own transportation to the coutries below, it includes unloading, placing to the selected site, installation and configuration of software into a PC and mobile phones and maintanance training. We use a shipping service to deliver the consignment to other countries outside the EU unless agreed otherwise.


    Countries within the reach of our own transportation: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark (cost 800 EURO).


    You can also pick up your dog kennel free of charge in our production site or have it delivered by your selected transportation company.

  • Within 24 hours of receipt of the order, we will contact you by telephone and confirm that all the information given in the order is correct. We will also agree on the form of payment (by bank transfer, cash on delivery).

    In case we will have to produce your dog kennel according to your requirements (i.e. not in stock), we will ask you to pay an irrevocable 20% deposit. You will be able to make the final payment a week prior to receipt of a kennel or cash on delivery.

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