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RAFABO - insulated kennels

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Pets have become an integral part of many people. Several decades have passed since the time the dog was only a watchman, and the cat was not allowed to enter the house. For many people, the dog became an equal member of the family, the best friend and a partner for both good and bad. Nowadays, the care, services and products for these four-legged friends are going the same direction. Do you like your dog, but sleeping in bed together is already too much for you? Do you want to let him outdoors, but you do not want him to feel pushed out? Is your dog running outdoors all year round and still ready for the cold winter times? Have you been thinking of purchasing a kennel? And what about an insulated dog kennel with the possibility of regulated heating, which will give your dog a warm home even in cold winter nights, especially if your dog is no longer in his best years? That's exactly what a luxury kennel RAFABO offers!

Selection of a dog kennel

Before considering insulating the dog kennel, it is also important to select its right size. The dog should have no problem turning round in his kennel and lie down comfortably. If you choose too big kennel, the heat will be unnecessarily lost. It is further advisable to divide the kennel into two parts, a hall and a bedroom, thus avoiding further leakage of the desired heat. The kennel should not stand directly on the ground (soil), which could cause a cold inflow or possible dampness and mold. You can choose a pavement or a concrete ground, and it is also appropriate to put gravel under the kennel to avoid the growth of weeds.

zateplená psí bouda, zateplení boudy, vytápění boudy
The thermal insulation of the RAFABO shed consists of vapor barrier, basalt wool and diffusion foil.

The main thing is the complete insulation of the dog shed, not only the walls and the floor, but also the roof, which, if swinging, must also have high quality insulation. The least expensive way of thermal insulation is polystyrene with a depth (width) of about 5 cm.

Our RAFABO dog kennels are manufactured as a classic wooden family house from a combination of Siberian larch with a ventilated facade made of HPL boards. Here you can find both vapor and diffusion foils and high-quality basalt cotton wool with a thickness of 5cm.

We recommend not setting the thermostat to more than 10 ° C otherwise the dog may overheat.

The use of an insulated dog kennel is recommended for outdoor temperatures from -25 degrees to +40 degrees Celsius.

So, you do not have to worry about your dog getting too hot in the summer either. Our dog kennel is designed to provide a warm retreat in the winter, and an acceptable lower temperatures in the summer. Remember, however, that it is not desirable to place the shed in direct sunlight, the semi-shade is ideal for example under the tree.

Still in doubts?

Aren´t you sure your dog needs a heated kennel? You'll know best when you watch your dog's behavior. Is your dog slow, has ragged hair and cold feet? Maybe you should stay alert and get a well-insulated kennel for your dog friend with the possibility of heating. We produce RAFABO kennels with love in the heart of Liberec in the north of Bohemia. This is a purely quality Czech product with a multi-year guarantee. Joinery workshops meet the high requirements for the processing of all parts and the quality of the final product.

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